Join The Author’s and Reader’s Book Discussion

Join The Author’s and Reader’s Book Discussion

Our Online Community is a group established to help our author’s connect, communicate and answer questions from readers and potential reader’s!

Second Covenant Mogul specializes in helping individuals and organizations promote their products to the world internationally whether it’s a book, magazine, institution or campaign for votes we can get you in front of responsible individuals.

Our goal is to help them build self-esteem and financial independence, by showing them your products, online institutes or online communities. Dr. Washington is skilled at clarifying, designing and completing the overall campaign for the project in a timing fashion.

Kingdom Living Campaign Launch

Once you finish our assessment forms and we decide to accept your product, we want you to understand that you have now been elected for a purpose and must learn to govern your own homes and help rebuild your community! Your book, music, or promotional material will be the forerunner for your project! Now we have to execute on your media outlets! Below we provide you with instructions to have a successful campaign!

Steps we will take

  • We will show you how to set a date to come on TV Show.
  • We will show you how to enter your story, product, book or article.
  • We will show you how to send in a prayer
  • Send in the outcome you are looking for.
  • Your mission statement / Your Company’s Why.
  • What percentage will you be giving back to the world?
  • How will you help Project Create Your Success?
  • If your book is not published through 2nd Covenant Mogul publishing, you will need to send in $100.00.
  • Your Picture, Email, and phone number.

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