News Nucare Health Coverage

News Nucare Health Coverage


We offer health insurance that you can depend on without overly paying expensive out of pocket fees for services you are not using. With our services you pay for what you need. Our physicians, dermatologist and behavioral health professionals can diagnose many health issues like cold and flu symptoms, allergies, ear infection, rash and skin problems and so much more! Plus we understand that Americans will be penalized for not insuring their household, that’s what we are here for. Please read the information below and make a decision to not only protect your family, but save money at the time.

Does my penalty for not having health insurance come out of my return?

automatically deducted from federal tax return?

Yes, if you expect to receive a refund on your tax return, but you owe a penalty for not having health insurance, your refund will be reduced by the penalty and may result in a balance due.

please contact me so we can help you explain to your congregation how to keep money in their household!



Get signed up for your nuMe or nuCare membership online within a matter of minutes.

MULTI-SERVICE PLATFORM We service all of our members to satisfy all of their needs whether it be financial help or health benefits.

LARGE COVERAGE OFFICES IN 38 MARKETS Become a member of a large network of individuals that have the same needs as you.

Whenever you feel unwell, you can receive convenient, quality care from a variety of licensed healthcare professionals.

1. Request a visit with a doctor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by web, phone, or mobile app.

Want to see the doctor? Choose “video” as the method for your visit. Feeling camera shy? Choose “phone.” Got a busy schedule? Select a time that’s best for you by choosing “schedule” instead of “as soon as possible.”

A nationwide network

We’ll search our national network of U.S. board-certified physicians, dermatologist and therapists and pair you with a doctor licensed in your state.1

About our doctors »

Review of medical records

The doctor will review your medical records. Your medical history provides valuable information to the doctor regarding past conditions, medications, allergies as well as information about your family’s medical history.

2. Talk to the doctor. Take as much time as you need…. there’s no limit!

We lead the market with the industry’s most comprehensive suite of telehealth services. You can receive convenient, quality care from a variety of licensed healthcare professionals.

3. If medically necessary, a prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

Receive the treatment you need in a timely, expedient manner. In addition, you have the ability to send your visit results to your primary care physician.

It’s that easy.

Contact Nucare toady for more info or to get help signing up 479-259-2189, you should go to Nucare Website to and put in my Agent number ET2017. Serena Washington!