Dr. Washington is a Campaign Coachsulting who Specialize in installing software, publishing books/magazines and designing campaign materials. As a coachsultant Dr. Washington has the ability to help you plan your projects from start to finish.  She is a Certified Supernatural Campaign Coachsultant, Ordained in the Doctrine of Yahshua Christ, founder of Second Covenant Mogul Publishing, LLC and President of PCYS Publishing University.

Second Covenant Mogul specializes in helping individuals and organizations create income producing publications and products. Our program “Project Create Your Success – Prophetic School of Ministry”, restores with knowing their purpose and empowers families with creating projects together and everyday individuals by uncovering the gifts YAHWEH has placed within each member and help them build self-esteem and financial independence by showing them how to create products and /or become a published author, open online institutes or create online communities. Whether it’s to design website, published a book/magazine or create an online university she is skilled at clarifying, designing and completing the overall project in a timing fashion.

The 21st Century Core C.E.O is a project that brings multi-talented skilled craftsmen and women to the forefront prepared with written works and software, by creating a visual image using our excellent professional services. Additionally, this project will empower counsel groups to shift to the forefront with 21st century resources.


The tour will consist of conferences as well as live shows.  The conferences will empower business owners to position their businesses to be profitable and successful by educating the business owner in the foundational areas of business, the importance of which are often overlooked and minimized.  Businesses often fail in the first 3-5 years because of a lack of proper education and preparation.

The 21st Century Core C.E.O.

The hosted conferences will be a one-day conference that will cover areas of importance to those that want to launch a business as well as those that have started a business but are in a slump and seeking to assess where they are in their business and seeking to learn what is necessary to positively contribute to their communities through providing jobs and being financially sound.

For More Info The Coaches Resolution Institute Website

Other Educational Platforms  

Christian e-learning courses every believer should take.

The following below are some of the Christian courses a believer should take.

Christian counselling: This is an area whereby any one that call him/herself a Christian believer should embark on. God places a priority on dealing with internal roots of our problems so that the available fruit of our life can also be pleasing to him.

Soul care foundation: The basic Model. This course is designed to aid you get peoples interior lives at a meaningful level of help counselling others call this help “pastoring”.

Understanding people and problems. It reminds us why are some many areas of our lives are in a mess, what lie beneath the confusion, despair and emptiness that some many people experience.

Theology Schools:

Co-Workers School Of Ministry Partnership PCYS Publishing University/A.I.C.P.M Centre


Christian Kingdom Graphy University

These are postdoctoral courses you are about to take will cause God to empower your mouth with strength because of His enemies work beyond doctoral degrees. Scholarship studies about Jesus/Yahusa source of Christianity.

Media Entertainment Partners websites

Marlon In Christ

Emmanuel O. Okpako