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Supernatural Coaching, Training you to study about what ever field you are about to walk into.

Our vision is to help create godly households and empower you to keep it that way. 1st step is creating success a recurring income we use your personal vision books to explain your position in your community.

2nd We counsel you and your family on the household vision bringing new authors / business owners to the world with experience of the same situations, but this will be the solution writing the vision, purpose, and goals.

King L. Taylor,

Pennies, Nickels & Dimes: A historical prospective of the African American Entrepreneur and African American Economy (Volume 1)Paperback – April 5, 2013

The major reason for writing this book was to create discussion about the history of the African American entrepreneur and the African American economy. I also wanted to analyze the past, present and the future of African American entrepreneurship in America. Finally, there is also a need to discuss our large consumer numbers and our lack of ownership in business in America.

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The Eagle Realm magazine Presents,

The PEP is a healthy way to balance your life by tapping into your inner- self. This program starts with a test to see what areas you need work in to help you live at your full potential. So help me welcome Mother, Model, Teen Mentor Champion, and Teacher Mrs. Chloe Taylor Brown!

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Second Covenant Mogul is please to bring the new business world to the forefront propel you to your next level. In order to call yourself successful you must be willing to help yourself which is your brothers and sisters find their way, when they are ready. Decade after decade we have enslave ourselves with supporting everyone else and every other community and company. Tune in as we take you down memory lane of The First Black Wall Street.

Welcome Justin Parker,

Mass Entrepreneur, aspiring Philanthropist, Destined Mogul, Web Strategist & SEO Guru. Justin Parker is the Founder and President of First Black America, an Advertising and Marketing company based out of Virginia Beach, VA. We are more than just a company. We are a movement to promote Cooperative Economics within the Black Community. Make sure you are tuned in to hear him share the Vision and learn about the Wonderful IBO (Independent Business Owner) opportunity for you to earn wealth and empowerment.

The 21th Century Core Leadership Elevation Study Guide

This study guide will teach you how to produce effective projects and unlock your 21th century potentials, while annihilating procrastination and excuses.


Most of us will never have seen ourselves as being leaders. For the majority of us, the thought of taking charge of an office, church project or church was not so long ago something that seemed completely absurd. That’s a job for high fliers, for people that fit the mold… for born leaders!

But despite any initial apprehension, leadership roles are something that many of us will have thrust upon us against any protestations. In the vast majority of industries, progress and a hike in salary and influence means taking on more responsibility. And that responsibility will very often take the form of some kind of leadership role. But what will set you apart from everyday leadership is your 21th century core leadership evaluation and elevation skills.

This means jack of all trades or a skilled person who can see a problem and delegate the tasks to people in who they see something in that no one else can see.  Many leaders can only progress so far before they start having staff under them and the further they climb the ladder; the more people will start looking to them for direction and the more people they’ll be responsible for. So, you want to make sure that the leader you pick can handle pressure and organize as a skilled-craftsman.

Approving unqualified/unskilled leaders in truth, those efforts to procrastinate, make excuses, and just avoid certain aspects of an occupation or task just lead to people taking longer to complete work they could do much quicker, leading to them getting less done than they could within a set amount of time.

Additionally, it forces them to work harder, take more time away from other activities they’d rather be doing that they know how to do, and can lead them to doing poorer-quality work because they have to work confused.

That then leaves two choices: shy away from the pressure, organizing and the responsibility and live in a world filled with unsuccessful projects and leaders, or learn to suck it up and take charge.

No more Procrastination or Excuses!

  • Know Your Why
  • How to Build Your Team
  • More Roles of a Good Manager
  • How to Motivate Your Team
  • Annihilating Procrastination & Distractions
  • Self-Doubt
  • Non-Stop Work Leads to Poorer Work
  • Neglecting Yourself Leads to Poorer Work
  • Working Efficiently, Getting Things Done
  • Stay on Time/Ahead of Schedule for Best Work
  • Focus on Post-Project Rewards/Benefits for Best Work

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