Second Covenant Mogul Publishing LLC

Second Covenant Mogul Publishing LLC

This is a Christian News Broadcast that invites all people races and cultures to come and hear the LOVE of GOD Yahweh and they will also be able to take our Kingdom E-Learning Courses.

Elected Officials will be able to schedule their Campaigns and Interviews On Our TV Show.

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Book Launches

From Victim to Victor the purpose of this book and goal is to create a vivid understanding of the Word of God and God’s purpose to mankind, by bringing people to God and transforming them from being victims to victors. Dr. Serena Washington is a zealous writer who enjoys the challenges of reaching out positively to those who are troubled. It is my hope that my story will bring people to God. I want people to know Him for themselves, and to live for Him as the word of God teaches us.

Our Aim  a company with multi-talented collaboration of multiple skilled craftsmen and counsel groups built off problem solving and solution! We are in the critical stage of rebirthing our morals, thoughts of righteousness, and income don’t get left behind!

Editorial Services Pastor Stephen Adeyemi 

I have been working as a journalist, features writer, and creative writer for 14 years in Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. I’m also a published author!

I believe editing is important because your first impression is sometimes your only chance to draw individuals for business purposes.

I promise you that if you allow me to do editorial services for you it will be a master piece perfectly corrected and edited with superior results.

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